Essential Highway Safety Tips Following a Motor Vehicle Accident

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) recently issued essential safety advice to both motorists and witnesses following a motor vehicle accident. This advice comes on the heels of several tragic incidents on San Francisco Bay Area highways where, unfortunately, six (6) people lost their respective lives due to an initial traffic accident or motor vehicle issue. A significant number of these motor vehicle accidents are attributed to distracted driving, a fully preventable and avoidable situation.

According to CHP San Jose Officer Ross Lee, one must evaluate his or her circumstances and surroundings to make the safest choice in case of an accident. If a motor vehicle is on fire or at risk of causing another motor vehicle accident, it is crucial to exit the vehicle and find a safe location. However, if your motor vehicle is operable, it is recommended to stay in the motor vehicle, move the motor vehicle to a safer location like the right shoulder, or completely off the freeway, if possible.

For those who must exit the motor vehicle, finding places with added protection such as behind guardrails, k-rails, or even a large tree is advised. Yet, if the traffic is flowing or moving at high rates of speed, staying in the motor vehicle is the safest choice. Other valuable tips include turning on vehicle hazard lights, setting the parking brake, and calling 9-1-1. Read more from the original article.

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