Family Law

Whenever a familial issue arises or familial issues arise, emotion levels, stress levels, depression levels, and anxiety levels can start to come to the surface and increase exponentially over a period of time.

Familial issues including (but not limited to) legal separation, annulment, divorce, child custody, visitation, spousal support, child support have the ability to disintegrate a family or families to the point of no return with an absolutely zero percent chance of reconciliation or reunification.

On the one hand, one family may be able to overcome that familial issue or those familial issues. On the other hand, another family may be unable to overcome that familial issue or those familial issues. In that case, that family or those families have indeed reached the point of no return.

For that family or for those families that is or that are unable to overcome its or their familial issue or those familial issues, Tristan Yohan Jagroop, Esq. is here to help that family or help those families sort through that familial issue or those familial issues to the point where an efficient, proficient resolution can be obtained so that the parties involved can separate and go their respective ways.

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